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E Green Global Main Office


Keejoon Shin  CEO

Mr. Shin was CEO of HLMC Co. and Korea Integrated Service. He also worked for Korea`s biotech company Macrogen, Inc. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Columbia University.


Dong-Keun Lee  CTO

His research background is plant genetics, plant development, and plant biotechnology. Before joining as a member of EGG, he was a research professor at Seoul National University, Korea. At the University, he did researches about the development of drought tolerance and high nitrogen-use-efficiency crops for 4 years. Based on these researches, he got an award of “2017 best research 50 in Korea” from Korea Ministry of Education. Additionally, he worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Utah for 6 years. At Utah, his research centered on the plant stem cell modulation regulated by environmental conditions. He got a bachelor's degree in biological science at MyongJi University (Korea), a master's degree in molecular biology at Seoul National University (Korea), and a Ph. D. degree in plant  biology at the University of California Riverside (USA).  


B.S. Kim  Senior Advisor

Mr. Kim has over 20 years of finance managerial experience at global corporations including Dow Chemical. Prior to joining E Green Global, he was the CFO at Dow Chemical Korea, where he set up SKC Hass (a Joint Venture with SKC) and served as the CFO of the JV as well. Before Dow Chemical, he also worked at other large corporations such as Hyundai Construction & Engineering. His experience covers accounting, tax, internal control, divestiture, M&A, and JV-related affairs accompanied by remarkable track records for numerous projects he worked on. He holds MBA from Korea University and Bachelor of Economics degree from Chung Ang University.


Eun-Young Jeon  COO

As a member of incorporation, she has 10 years experience in overseeing operations of the company and the work of executives. At Korea Integrated Service(KIS), the parent company of EGG. As a manager, she also has experiences in the strategic/planning part of the bio business division. She got a master's degree at Seoul National University, majored in Cell and Developmental Biology.


Kenny(Yong-Hyup) Ko  CFO

Starting the career in finance division of KIA Motors, for 7+ years he carried out various tasks or projects including business and budget planning, business/cost analysis, managerial accounting, set-up and management of overseas subsidiaries, investor relations, non-deal roadshows for fundraising, etc.
After that, he has built the career of finance and accounting as a CFO or accounting-managerial director especially in BIO or IT small-sized ventures for 12+ years.
He holds a master's degree(MBA) at KAIST School of Business and a bachelor's degree in business administration at Sung Kyun Kwan University.

E Green Korea


Sang-Soo Chang  VP

Sangsoo Chang has done agricultural distribution, sales, and packing material development for over 20 years and has knowledge and network for department stores and superstores. He was in charge of agricultural quality control at a conglomerate and has done business in a fast-paced distribution market. He majored in accounting at Kyungwon University. 


E Green America


Andy Robinson  Technology Advisor

He has 15+ years of teaching experience at several Universities and currently working as an assistant professor/ extension Potato Agronomist at North Dakota State University and the University of Minnesota. He got a Ph.D. in Weed Science at Purdue University.


E Green China


Guo-Lin Wu  Technology Advisor

He has 50+ years’ experience in research and development of potato at Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences and government projects in China. He also served as a Technical Advisor at Beidahuang Potato Group and Chinaessence Group. He has a BSc degree in Phytopathology at Beijing Agricultural University in China.


Yong-Cheng Jin
Regional Commercial Director, PRC 

He is managing business especially in developing cooperation partners and responsible for the human resources part in China. He has a BSc degree in Applied Psychology at Shenyang Normal University in China.


 Sun Li  Business Advisor 

He has successfuly completed his career within an agricultural and F&B industry over 25 years. He has served as a BEIDAHUANG group CEO, WanDa Group COO, and etc. Within his careers, he has joined a variety of projects, such as cultivation process devleopment, seed import and proliferation, and plant company production process improvement. He has a master degree in asset management and bachelor's degree in agricultural economic management at QingHua University and HeiLongJiang Unviersity respectively.

이순 사진.jpg

E Green Europe


Epi Postma 
Regional Commercial Director, Europe

Epi Postma serves as a director of Business Development Europe of the company. He has 30+ years’ experience in export, marketing, and business development at various companies that supply high-tech and innovations to the Agrifood industry. He has a BSc degree in Applied Physics at Saxion University of Applied Science (Enschede, Netherlands).

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